Why would you rate Private Tutoring ahead of Group Tutoring?

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Why would you rate Private Tutoring ahead of Group Tutoring?

by TheTuitionE - on

2022-07-17 16:35:31

Posted by -: Saswati Chatterjee

The concept of home tutoring has gained momentum in the past months of the pandemic. The clueless parents had little choice but to deliver the best to their wards in these testing times. Many perturbed parents chose for the option of home tutoring to ensure that their wards are not missing out on any amount of nurturing and fostering to extract the best out of budding minds

Home tutoring comes in varied forms. In such times of pandemic, many parents have opted for the online mode, as it is considered safer. Online tutoring can either be in groups or in individual, where a tutor dedicatedly keeps slots allotted for a particular student. It is always easier for a student as well as the teacher to focus when the tutoring is happening with dedicated attention. A teacher finds it easier to tap the inert qualities of a student when he or she has to deal with her individually. A student is able to better express their areas of weakness and clear away their doubts.

When the interaction between a teacher and a student happens at a personal level, it becomes cordial and the bond only increases the potential of the teacher student relationship. The tutor is in a better scope to analyze the performance and the ability of the students. Individual tutoring also allows teachers and students alike to fix their timings according to their convenience.  In times of practice and repetition, the individual teacher is better equipped to tackle the issues which need attention. The bond which develops between a teacher and a student with time transcends the boundaries of a learner and an educator and sometimes becomes a lifelong alliance. 

Since individual tutoring is more engaging learner-centric, it allows for better contact time between a tutor and enables the tutor to form a fair idea of the child s ability to grasp concepts, and accordingly, the tutor can guide the child to achieve the objectives of the lesson. In the formative years of education, the impact of individual tutoring is quite pronounced as compared to group tutoring. A student gets used to a particular method of teaching and education over the years which not only makes him academically sound but also prepares him better to adapt with other forms of tutoring. Individual tutoring is also a great way to help students improve their interpersonal skills while making them more tolerant towards newness. With individual tutoring, tutors have the option of curriculum flexibility to nurture each child s requirement, with customized lesson programs and modules. Most importantly individual tutoring is imperative to help students boast confidence and reduce anxiety of any kind while preparing them to face newer academic challenges.