Which one is the best: offline tuition vs. online tuition in the UAE?

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Which one is the best: offline tuition vs. online tuition in the UAE?

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2024-06-15 02:33:20

Which one is the best: offline tuition vs. online tuition in the UAE?

There was a time when there was no other option for us other than dragging ourselves into our tuition after a tiring day at school. But times have changed, and for the better. Now, students gain the same amount of knowledge while sitting at home through online classes. 


However, parents aren’t fully convinced of the efficacy of online tuition over traditional classroom learning. This article will act as a guide for parents who still have doubts. Today, we’ll discuss offline tuition vs. online tuition in the UAE, which one is more effective, and which to opt for based on your child’s requirements. 


Offline tuition vs. online tuition in the UAE: A detailed comparison


For parents and their children in the UAE, it can be tough to decide between offline or online tuition without full disclosure. Parents would have to take into consideration multiple factors to determine which option suits their child the best. 


To aid in that decision, here is a list of the advantages and drawbacks of both options. 

Tuition Type/ Advantages, and Drawbacks



Offline classroom tuition

  1. In-person interaction allows for better engagement in class.
  2. Tutors cover a whole session for doubts, and students can learn from friends’ doubts.
  3. Students develop important interpersonal skills through face-to-face learning.
  4. Students with auditory learning styles thrive in a classroom setting.

  1. Requires commuting to the tutoring centre, adding travel time and costs.
  2. Typically more expensive than online tutoring options.
  3. Limited flexibility in terms of schedule and tutors available locally
  4. Increased risk of disruptions due to traffic, illness, etc.

Online personalised tuition

  1. Extremely convenient, you can join sessions from anywhere.
  2. A wider selection of tutors is available across the UAE and globally. 
  3. Typically lower costs compared to in-person options
  4. Comfortable learning environment at home

  1. Potential technical issues like internet connectivity problems
  2. Requires self-discipline to avoid distractions at home. 
  3. Lack of in-person interaction can be harder for some learners.
  4. Developing interpersonal skills is more challenging online.

Is online tuition as effective as offline tuition?

Research proves that the type of tuition and its effectiveness are dependent on the student’s learning styles. But there’s ample research supporting the efficacy of both online and offline tuition. While both modes of instruction have their merits, some key factors suggest that online tuition for kids can be just as effective, if not more so, in certain cases.

One major advantage of online tuition is its accessibility to a wider pool of expert tutors from across the UAE and even globally. Additionally, many online tutoring platforms use advanced technology tools like interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and video conferencing, which can enhance the learning experience. 

But the debate on whether to choose offline or online tuition has continued for decades. But several studies have found that, when designed and implemented properly, online tuition can match or even outperform in-person tutoring in terms of student outcomes. Striking the right balance between teaching methods, technology tools, and the learning environment is crucial for maximising its effectiveness.

What makes TuitionE's online tuition classes more effective than normal online tuition classes?

At TuitionE, we believe that each child is different, and their learning experiences should be different to be the most effective. Thus, we do online tuition for kids differently. At tuitionE, we provide our students with one-to-one online tuition with personalised lesson plans. 

The one-to-one online sessions have made TuitionE more effective with student results. 

  1. Students receive complete focus from their tutors. 
  2. Students can ask questions without feeling shy. 
  3. Students have a personalised lesson plan that suits their learning style. 
  4. Tutors are also able to understand how the student learns most effectively and adapt. 
  5. Tutors gamify lessons to engage students for more than 60 minutes easily. 

All these factors make TuitionE online one-to-one classes more effective than other online tuition. Interested in knowing more? 

Which should you choose for your child based on their needs?

The choice boils down to what your child needs. This is the only relevant question that can help you choose between offline or online tuition. Do they study better when they have focused attention from their tutor? Or do they study better among friends? 

Here are a few factors to consider while making the ultimate choice:

  1. What is your child’s learning style: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?
  2. When is your child most comfortable learning, at home by themselves or with friends?
  3. Do they like personalised focus? 
  4. Which subject are they struggling with, and do they require expert assistance? 
  5. Do they get distracted easily? 
  6. Are they more inclined to learn from face-to-face interactions in a physical space, or are they inclined to learn better in one-to-one online tuition?

Once you answer these questions with your child, you’ll have a full idea of what’s best for them. 


There is ample research to prove the effectiveness of both offline and online tuition. But we are here to prove that online tuition for kids has more scope than it gets credit for. Thus, in the battle of offline tuition vs. online tuition in the UAE, there is a clear winner. Online tuition in the UAE has proven to be more effective for students who require a personalised and engaged learning experience. 


At TuitionE, we provide one-to-one online tuition instead of group online tuition. This makes the learning experience more personalised and effective. Want to help your child get the best education? 

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Written by :- Debanjali Sarkar