School Closure: Long Term Impact

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School Closure: Long Term Impact

by TheTuitionE - on

2022-07-17 17:42:13

Posted by -: Saswati Chatterjee

Student communities across the globe are faced with the condition of uncertainty looming large owing to the outbreak of the pandemic. At the early level of education, the disengagement with schools has had mixed feedback. Early learners, who had only started adapting themselves with the classroom environment, have suddenly been made to embrace a digital environment. The ultimate result is still under heavy scrutiny; however, it has impacted young minds. With education providers updating themselves with the newest teaching methods, it is always targeted to meet the requirements of the learners at every level.

The point to ponder here, however, is that how much have students learnt during this period through this digital medium. Although the role of a teacher in a classroom environment may never be ignored, the impact of digitized education by accommodating online private tutors has been significant. Many countries are trying to identify distant learning tools which are most effective in shaping the future of education. Many experts believe that the impact of school closure is not as much, considering that students are properly kept updated of their lessons and learning methods through channelized supervision of expert private tutors. Every pupil has to be explained the urgency of what has to be learnt, which is the prime responsibility of any tutor. The mode of teaching may or may not be physical classroom teaching, but, taking tuitions online under the guidance of private tutors; once this fact is established to students, irrespective of regular schooling, a pupil realizes his duties and accordingly they perform.

However, the distant mode of learning has its share of a drawback as well. Often teachers complaint of students not attending the classes and an increased rate of absenteeism. It becomes essential here to tap disengaged students and analyze their shortcomings to improve their involvement. The role of a home tutor can be vital here. Often students are more open with home tutors rather than school teachers, and private home tutors can help extract the best in students with minimum efforts. The combined efforts of online tuition teachers and parents become imperative to close the gap created due to school closure The role of online home tutors in providing individual support is gaining momentum all across the globe. The pandemic has made us realize that expert home tutors play a vital role in bridging the gap between a student and school education

Parents need to extensively mingle with their wards and understand the demands children have. The lack of communication is a major hindrance in the development of a child's educational process. Here the home tutor's role is integral to meet the crisis often arising from the risk of lockdowns and other factor owing to lockdowns. The education system globally is striving hard to achieve a platform where attending school becomes redundant. Education systems flawlessly may run with digitization and back up from teachers and parents alike to help curb the communication deficit arising from school closure.

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