Online Private Tuitions During the Pandemic

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Online Private Tuitions During the Pandemic

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2022-07-17 17:39:58

Posted by -: Saswati Chatterjee

With the regular schooling pattern unavailable owing to the pandemic, parents are raising concern over students losing regularity of academic involvement. It is imperative that a child would refuse to sit in front of the tablet or laptop for long hours but school assignments and the academic session has to keep moving forward. In such a scenario parents look for options to keep their wards engaged in academic activities, but they require support. A home tutor provides just the right kind of support required to enable kids remain actively involved with academics, while maintaining covid protocols. Many parents still prefer the no contact mode of classes and home tutors are mostly flexible. Reducing the screen time for children are difficult, so why not make best use of some of the screen time exposure.

This is also a marvelous opportunity for home tutors to establish themselves as tutors of repute during the lockdown. Home tutoring can be in different forms, not just academics. Many parents look for home tutors to coach their wards in co-curricular activities like music, arts, dance forms etc. Due to the pandemic, parents are opting to provide individual or online coaching to their children. The remuneration for providing individual coaching can be quite lucrative and rewarding for teachers.

There are several options a home tutor can choose from to impart the coaching activities. It can be either online or offline, with individual coaching or tutors may opt to take sessions in groups. Several parents are not yet comfortable for offline coaching; in such cases a home tutor can have the luxury of teaching from their preferred location. However, there are many parents who believe that that their ward requires individual attention, and tutors are mostly able to assess the need of the child and accordingly the tutor may customize their lesson plans. Contrary to this, there are parents who believe that their wards might excel well when taught with other children.

The concept of peer tutoring has its own set of values. It is the duty of the home tutor to understand the needs of the students and use their discretion to decide whether to provide individual coaching to a child or to put him in a group. Peer teaching may include a minimum of two and a maximum of six students. Peer coaching may be rewarding for students in several ways. They develop healthy competition, improve their values on sharing and tolerance and additionally develop their reflex abilities to perform better.

A home tutor  job is hugely satisfying considering that they get the scope to nurture a budding soul. The right kind of guidance enables students to develop trust and bond with their home tutor. This brings out the best in the child academically but also helps in character building and honing their motor and sensory skills.