Online Private Teachers based in India are more competent than Teachers in GCC countries.

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Online Private Teachers based in India are more competent than Teachers in GCC countries.

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2022-07-17 16:32:03

Posted by -: Saswati Chatterjee

The purpose of an academic institution is to produce quality learners through implementation of proper educational programs. The primary requisite for producing competent learners is able teachers

A teacher sensitivity and motivation is decided by level of proficiency and qualification. A teacher competence depends on pedagogical theory and professional skills, acquired after receiving proper teacher training from government approved colleges. Therefore teachers in India are better qualified and equipped to tackle all sorts of students and curriculum.

To understand this topic better, we have to reach the roots of the Indian economic structure. In most Indian households, mostly for the salaried class, education is of utmost value. Even daily wage earners would go that extra mile to ensure that education is being imparted to their children. When the social structure is so rigidly influenced by education, it is bound to produce individual with a rock soild academic foundation

The Indian technique of teaching focuses more on the theoretical aspect rather than practical, which is dominant in foreign countries. In order to acquire knowledge and perform better in practical applications, it is mandatory to have sound theoretical knowledge, which is the case with most Indian teachers, who train themselves at the professional level. Also it is mandatory in India for teachers to have a teaching degree in order to teach in schools. This mandate ensures teachers are qualified with the right blend of teaching skills and knowledge to provide holistic development to learners

In GCC countries the concept of teaching degree is yet to be formalized. Most local teachers offer their services at an amateurish level, which does not always shape the learners in the right path. India nationals who work as academicians do not always possess the right professional training to impart professional teaching experiences.

Also teacher training in India is stage specific. There are different courses targeted for learners of different age groups, special courses exist for differently abled students. With such a vast array of professional teaching courses existing in India it becomes imperative that India will produce better students which in turn will present before the world better educators totally equipped to tackle education in specialized and holistic approaches.

The concept of teacher training in India is targeted towards creating a better and futuristic India which will in turn produce better citizens and intellectually sound individuals. Teacher training in India involves certain parameters like the teacher educator, the student, the teaching strategy involved and the content that is being taught to teachers in totality help to frame the emergence of teachers in India who are not just academically sound but also have thorough knowledge of dealing with students of different socio-economic back grounds as well as different academic competencies.

Teaching involves sociological, psychological and philosophical basis which enables a teacher for better insight into a learner  abilities and psychological aspects. The current school system in India and also GCC countries encouraging and supportive teachers with a humane angle to their personality so as to provide support to students on compassionate grounds as and when required.