Investment in Education – A wise decision?

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Investment in Education – A wise decision?

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2022-07-17 16:33:45

Posted by -: Ekta Bhinde

The American philosopher had conjectured his thought on education much before digitization and globalization had been juxtaposed with education. Education is such a foundation which never fails. Any form of education yields a positive output. It is imperative to ensure that education reaches everywhere in the world. Even with the most economically backward sections of the society, education has been able to gain momentum, and parents feel the urge to send their wards for formal schooling. Since the need for education has become fundamental, so has its economic value

Education is most obviously a long term investment plan which is bound to yield positive results in the long run. If we have to consider education in terms of a business venture, it has various associated services too; this might prove to be a lucrative business proposal. A school has several avenues and a varied area for investment. With infrastructure, academic process and execution through digital and offline form. Education is such a medium which will only keep evolving with time and generate businesses through innovative means. 

Every school wants to stand unique in terms of their infrastructure, curriculum and associated facilities for the learners. In order to win the race, they will find the best possible means and  best possible technology and thus the best possible fees owing to the pandemic, schools have introduced Audio Visual learning systems, they provide tablets, they provide the best computer knowledge and the list is not over yet as now it is been proposed that schools might soon introduce coding as a part of curriculum!!!!! 

Considering this scenario and growing technology, schools and private institutions now provide video based education .That is all the concepts are taught with the help of either recorded or live videos.

That means more investments are now made into tabs, animations, stationeries, printing books under different publications, computers , video making etc For these there are many companies and institutions who are constantly in a race to win the game. They want to sell their services and products and want them to reach every single schools and classes and institutions . There are students and parents and teachers who use these facilities for better education.

What does these all mean after all? These means there is a huge demand of technology, new advancements, new courses, a lot of stationeries etc. Apart from regular, academic school studies, there is now a lot of demand of general knowledge books , public speaking and personality development books and materials, time management books and courses. In today  era of globalization, learning does not mean learning about one own country, so now foreign languages are introduced. So many private institutions, classes , private teachers now teach foreign languages as well.

No the list does not end here. Open the App Store of your PC or laptop or mobile phone, and search for different educational apps. What do you see? there an unending list of apps of different textbooks, different publications, digests ,extra questions, and also different apps for learning grammar, foreign languages, different subjects, apps for preparations of competitive exams, general knowledge and still the list is ongoing. Provided all these, we say learning is an unending process.

So does that not mean unstoppable changes, unstoppable innovations and unending competitive exam materials? Now tell me how, investment in such a huge and demanding and an unending field can ever fail? During the pandemic, we all know everything stopped but essentials and education. Schools, classes everything could continue through digitization.

How would investment in education ever be a wastage ? As education is an ongoing process with returns in terms of a secured future, and therefore investment in this field with ever increasing returns!!!!!!! It maybe concluded that certain things never cease to exist; like EDUCATION!!!!!! The constant toil to achieve greatness in life, is most assured with the cushioning of education, thus investment in education is a wise decision which will only bear fruits of positivity in the long run