Education / Online Tuition through the Glowing Screens: 1st Anniversary

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Education / Online Tuition through the Glowing Screens: 1st Anniversary

by TheTuitionE - on

2022-07-12 19:04:02

In the past year and a half, education has seen more variations and modifications in its form and execution than ever before. After a year of its digital presence, education has reached new dimensions of excellence. The need for the web has multiplied umpteen times owing to children accessing education from their homes. Although the role of an educator may never be questioned, the laptop and the tab has been a constant companion of late; not only for students but for educators alike. Educators are now technologically blessed owing to the pandemic situation. Teachers are now equipped to use the digital platform with equal expertise as the conventional method of teaching. Classroom teaching is no longer the only available option for formal education. The initial struggle with the digital medium for many senior teachers has now eased considerably and now they find it conventional and friendly to communicate with their students over digital media. The horizons of teaching have broadened beyond borders and teachers can now initiate teaching students from any location.

Apart from classroom teaching, other remarkable changes in the education sector include the germination of several virtual tutoring applications, video conferencing tools and learning software. This enhanced business opportunity has added to the success rate of the education industry reaching the farthest nooks and corners. 

Studies reveal that the ability of students to retain information has improved through digital learning mediums. Many online courses of varied duration have developed since the pandemic catering to students at all levels. However, there is still enough scope for argument as to whether online education is suited for all age groups. Younger learners need a more structured learning environment since they may be distracted easily. Therefore the use of collaborative tools and other engagement methods are associated with online teaching for better learning outcomes of slow learners. Integration of gaming technology and other interactive sources have made learning fun and engaging for young learners.

Learning applications have started their journey and many have established their impression with diligence. Certain learning applications have collaborated with institutions to bring in a more structured format for added impetuous to the already prevailing learning breakthrough. With the enhanced use of technology, education is now far beyond the conventions of rote learning and memorizing. This changed pattern of education focuses mostly on the critical thinking abilities and adaptability of the students which will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

The potential of online learning is huge. And as educators and parents of learners, it is an added responsibility to ensure that technology is used in the best possible form to generate an urge among learners to explore the unknown. A couple of years back any glowing screen would be considered detrimental for a child  growing process, thanks to the pandemic, we realize the vitality of the screen and we hope to strive hard to expose our children to the best possible knowledge sources to help them graduate as better learners.