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Education in the time of Pandemic - TheTuitionE

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2022-07-17 17:44:40

Posted by -: Saswati Chatterjee


As education is now heavily dependent on the glowing screen, it becomes all-important for the education system to act and run in the newly acclaimed teaching methodologies.

One of the most required engagements which have emerged during the lockdown is the involvement of online private tutors for online tuitions, in Dubai to enhance the skill set of pupils. Virtual tutoring has its own set of benefits, which is aptly tapped by the most tutors expert in taking online tuition, who flourish in their own space to upgrade their students.

Since physical contact classes and the conventional methods of teaching are the ones pupils are habituated with, it has to be cultivated by a home tutor to enable kids to develop methods of better time management. Initially, while the decision for online classes was still picking up momentum within the school education circuit, the role of a home tutor brightened. Many pupils initially showed resistance towards the new learning methods. It was a challenge for them to remain constant in front of a laptop or a tablet while following what the teacher had to offer. With the engagement of private tutors the scenario eased quite a bit. With one-to-one interaction via online tuition, children were more relaxed and could express their thoughts and clarify their doubts better. Not all students are the same. In a class of 30 students, there are always those who excel with a little extra attention, and with the involvement of the private home tutor, such students were bound to do well academically.

The role of a private online home tutor from TheTuitionE is equivalent to that of a parent, unleashing the qualities and capacities of the child. Best expressed when the child bonds well with an adult; be it a parent or a teacher. Many a time, a child is not aware of his/her capabilities. An able educator can guide and channelize the thoughts, and help the child identify his strengths and weaknesses. The role of a home tutor has grown by leaps and bounds after the onset of online teaching, numerous students, unaware of their true potential succumb to the rat A home tutor has the magic wand to allow a child to nurture their latent abilities while upgrading themselves and learning to extract the best from the web.

Before the fateful Covid virus changed our lives forever, the use of a glowing screen was restricted to playing online games and other entertainment purposes to most children and students. The scope of online education and learning opened a whole new world of exploration, where the unknown was infinite and the ability to turn it into something fascinatingly worthwhile lay solely in the hands of a home tutor.

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